The story behind

“Latin Export S.A” operates in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Merchant Wholesalers industry.

However, within the framework it has a company with more than 18 years of expertize and 50 professionals in different areas of business, mentioning here the farmers with proven experience with banana and farming, providing only the best products for the market. We offer the best quality banana, the CAVEDISH Variety from Los Rios and Guayas region.


To be a leading distinctive brand of quality Banana

exporter providing superior customer service while striving to grow our business with honesty ,integrity and sustainability.


To be the leading Ecuadorian Banana Export Company

in the national and international market for our high-quality premium banana through our caring culture and honest dealings with all people.

Core values

Premium Quality, Food Experience, Friendly Service

Human Recourses

We gain our strength from the multidisciplinary talents and experiences of our professionals

They bring to each and every project a tailored understanding and strategy based on a mutual assessment of client needs. Maintaining our existing knowledge with our dedicated team members and always welcoming new members into our company is one of the paths we follow to bring success and quality throughout.



Meet the team

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Legal Representative and Operation Manager

CEO (Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member)

Vice President and Executive Board Member

President and Executive Board Member