CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

He has extensive experience in banking and finance, accounting, taxation and business administration. Julio has served as Financial Manager in banana exporters working with them since their inception, managing the administrative and operational processes of the company directing them towards the efficiency and creating greater opportunities for growth. Julio has also served as general director in aquaculture companies such as AQUAMAR SA where he developed his study on the implementation of automatic feeders, a modern device in the operational chain of shrimp farming, obtaining positive results and considerable savings reflected in the usefulness of the industry.

Furthermore, he worked in local banking occasionally such as Banco del Pacifico and Banco de Guayaquil, financially managing businesses such as Investment Funds, maintaining strict control of the contract clauses and other indications regarding the management of funds, providing solutions and technical projections for the business line, reporting its management directly to the shareholders in the clearest and most transparent way, always showing itself as a professional.

His supervision and attention to detail skills make him a person trained to undertake and manage many lines of business, he focuses on the export market recognizing that he has the tools to manage and be at the forefront of this type of business, he demands results and commitment of the personnel under his charge to achieve the objectives of the companies in which he develops professionally.