CEO (Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member)

Valon is the founding director of EVITA Group and at Domani Global Trade as a Group Director. He has extensive and diverse local and international experience in banking and finance, consulting, international project management and development, research and political campaigns. Valon has served as an analyst and as a manager for large-scale projects for private, public, local and international institutions, including European Agency for Reconstructions, UNDP, USAID and other agencies. In his previous roles, Mr. Kupa worked on banking, identifying business growth opportunities, conducting market research, and optimizing business processes.

He provides a professional, technical and strategic approach of management to the shareholders from conception to completion. His honest approach has led to collaborative projects which has generated long standing relationships with many of his clients.

As an inspiring mentor, he radiates loyalty, respect and smart management. He demands the highest standards from his entire team which is reflected in each and every project. His clarity helped the company of Domani Global to operate at its largest scale.