Vice President and Executive Board Member

Mr. Gashi is a successful businessman. He is the founder and the owner of HIT SHOES SHPK Company operating in Kosovo. His vision began to sprout in his early childhood while working alongside his father, who was a well-known craftsman.

His goals and visions to strive through success were very clear despite facing difficulties in his childhood. The ideas were defined and persistent and he conceived answers for every risk and difficulty, which now defines him as a successful entrepreneur.

Since childhood he has been traveling worldwide to conduct market research and be on board with the latest manufacturing technology. This assisted into the family business to build a strong company foundation. Now HIT SHOES SHPK stands besides as one of the largest and most influential company within the country and Balkan region. Present since 2004 as one of the most successful company in the European Market with sub-section and affiliates.

He conveyed his reflection of disciplinary procedures with modesty to his employees embracing his dreams for success. He worked in promoting sustainability in the business community, expanding markets of goods and services, innovation in machinery technology and leveling the field for investment by reducing costs. His good relation led him to be a shareholder of Domani Global LLC.